Ethan Bortnick performing "Be Who You Are" on his PBS Special "Generations Of Music"

"Be Who You Are" written by Ethan Bortnick, David Rosenthal, Greg Friia & Jimmy Nichols


Opening Night for Tin Pan South Songwriters Festival at The Bluebird Cafe  3/25/2014
             "Regions Bank Brian O'Meara, Greg Friia, Scott Reeves, Journey's Jonathan Cain, Pete Sallis, JackFM's Moose"

9/25/2014 - "Body Needs" recorded by Consuelo Costin peaks at #5 on the Billboard Dance Club Chart

3/8/2013 - Proud to announce the release of Bonnie Tylers sixteenth studio album Rocks & Honey featuring the song "You Try" written by Greg, Mary Danna, Anthony Little & Andrew Lane.

 9/12/12 -  
    Proud to announce "Lexi Larsen's" release of A LITTLE BIT OF OOH EP featuring "A LITTLE BIT OF OOH" which was co-written with Karin Paperelli.

5/14/2012 - 


Greg signs exclusive publishing deal with Sea The Desert Entertainment, LLC. 

Listening Room To Host 4th Annual Almost Christmas Show

Holly Tong
Nashville Local Music Examiner
December 6, 2011 

In the midst of the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, it is always undeniably refreshing to get into the Christmas spirit by sitting back, relaxing and taking it all in. Well, on December 12th at 6 pm, the Listening Room is giving you the opportunity to do just that! Come be a part of the 4th Annual Almost Christmas show featuring some of Nashville’s most notable talent: Pete Sallis, Greg Friia, David Bradley and Brady Seals.

When I think of what Nashville stands for, these names are quick to come to mind, as they are truly a great representation of what this city is all about. They are serious about music, they write and sing with true heartfelt emotion, they consistently play shows in varying locations and they have some of the biggest fan bases in the entire music community. In case you haven’t had a chance to catch these guys live yet, let me give you some background information:

Pete Sallis: Collaborating with the finest songwriters in Nashville and making fans everywhere he goes, this standout, unstoppable talent has scored cuts with Ronnie Dunn, Rodney Atkins, Bucky Covington and many others!

Greg Friia: His well crafted songs hit home and lock in all audiences, as he knows the true meanings of the words “variety” and “relateable.” Richie McDonald, Kristen McNamara (KMAC), LoCash Cowboys are just a few of those who have recorded his songs.

David Bradley: He relocated to Nashville from Northern England, and his dedication to his musical gift and his fans, immediately won the support of me and countless others. He is currently enjoying success with his album “Moving On.” His hilarious/catchy new single “If You Can’t Make Money” has just entered the billboard top 50! You can also catch him on GAC, CMT and TCN!

Brady Seals: Certainly no stranger to the music business, Brady is the former co-lead vocalist and keyboardist for the Little Texas. If that alone isn’t enough, as a solo artist, he released three studio albums and charted in the top 40. He later started the group “Hot Apple Pie,” released another album and charted three singles. In 2009, he released his fourth solo album.

So there you have it!...a great lineup and a great time! Take a break, invite a friend and mark your calendars for this highly anticipated event.


  Greg has a song called "Hourglass" on the brand new KMAC "Pirate" CD.
The artist Kristen McNamara was in the Top 15 on American Idol in 2009.  This is her debut CD!  The song was written along with McNamara and fellow writers Pete Sallis & Kris Bergsnes on a 2010 writing trip in LA. 


    "I think I am falling in love with LA," says Greg.  He is part of the 4 X 4, which is comprised of fellow writers and friends Pete Sallis, Kris Bergsns, Peter Amato & Greg where they spend a couple of weeks out on the west coast writing with the likes of Robbie Nevil, Oliver Leiber & Kevin Savigar and also spent some time writing for Kristen McNamaras' upcoming project which is being produced by Mikal Blue (Colbie Caillat, Foo Fighters, Jason Mraz).  "We were blown away getting the opportunity to work over at Mikals' studio. He is such a kind man with an amazing vision for creating a new sound," says Greg.  
     August also included a sold out performance at the legendary "Bluebird Cafe' in Nashville.  "Playing the Bluebird Cafe' is likened to playing Carnegie Hall. So many greats have performed and have been discovered there.  It's hard to beat the spiritual energy in that building," he says.


     Fresh off the LA freeway, Greg found himself in Simi Valley, CA for a week of writing with some of the best of the best.  Along with pals Pete Sallis & Kris Bergsnes, he flew out to LA for a much needed writing trip where the sun shines all the time.  The week was filled with mega-talented artists & writers such as Oliver Leiber, who wrote and produced some of Paula Abduls biggest hits, along with Kevin Savigar, who was not only responsible for penning Rod Stewart's "Forever Young" & "Tonight I'm Yours" but also played keys for Rod for over 12 years. The idea of bringing Nashville to LA was the brainstorm of arranger and producer Peter Amato, who has worked with renowned artists such as LeAnn Rimes, Ricky Martin and Michael Bolton. Middle of the week found the gang performing at "The Dakota" in Santa Monica.  Along for the ride with Greg & Pete was songstress and singer Kristen McNamara of Nashville Star and American Idol fame, Kevin Fisher and hosted by LA native Stefani Scovolo.  And of course no trip to LA would be complete without a visit (or two) to In & Out Burger and the Reagan Presidential Library. Stay tuned to hear the 11 new songs penned on this inaugural trip.